The San Francisco Trilogy: Part One

The city by the bay.  So many different, quirky, and amazing places to explore in San Francisco.  Although I have lived in California for practically my whole life, I’ve never had the chance to explore this city.  Mainly because California is just HUGE.  Actually, it’s a shorter trip to Vegas than it is to Northern California for me.  But I decided that this was where I wanted to explore during my birthday week. So off to San Francisco we go!

Exploring the Neighborhoods: The number of hills around this city are really no joke.


Japan Town:  No better excuse to have Shabu-Shabu.




Kabuki Theater: One of my favorite things I did. A movie + drinks + 21 & up only section.


Breakfast of Champions: This was at Mama’s on Washington Square.  We got lucky and there were only a few people in line.  Apparently, on the weekends some people wait 1-2 hours to eat here!! The homemade jam was too delicious for words.  This Monte Cristo….amazing, as well as the Dungeness Crab Benedict w/ Fresh Spinach.  Are you hungry yet?



This was just some of day one & the morning of day two around San Francisco.  I’m planning on posting more of the city attractions I experienced for part two.  And of course, not to disappoint, some more food pictures as well!

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