The San Francisco Trilogy: Part Two

So here’s the sequel post to my long weekend in San Francisco.  I just want to share the obligatory tourist photos and maybe share a few comments.

My brain is currently is on overloaded from having to be back at work on this Monday….so this is mostly for your visual pleasure. Enjoy!

Alcatraz: Prison Life

20131203_09542020131203_095240 20131203_095208   20131203_094030


Suggestions for Alcatraz:

  1. Take the earliest ferry there.  You can beat the crowd just by going 1 hour earlier. TRUST ME, it gets crowded.  There’s a night tour too though…..if you’re into that kind of creepy, look over your shoulder, ghost from Alcatraz past atmosphere.
  2. Buy your tickets online ahead of time!! On the day of they tend to be all sold out of tickets.

Pier 39: Tourist Overload


Suggestions for Pier 39:

  1. If you have time & nothing else planned…..then go for it!!  To be honest I was starving and needed some clam chowder, STAT.  Pier 39 was a very short walk from where our Alcatraz ferry was docked, so I went for it.
  2. A very “touristy” area….a little too much even for me .  Shops are just filled with knick-knacks, the unavoidable San Francisco themed shot glasses, San Francisco themed mugs, San Francisco themed t-shirts…… get my drift.
  3. Best part was seeing those sea lions getting their “tan on”.

China Town: Ni Hao!

20131204_111944 20131204_114140 20131204_111227

Suggestions for China Town

  1. Even if you don’t buy anything here…..walk around and take a look at all the food markets and stores.  Very interesting herbs, fruits, and veggies that I’ve never seen before.
  2. Eat something while you are there.  You will regret it if you don’t.

Wow……so this was a longer post than expected! The final part of my San Francisco adventures will be posted soon.


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