The San Francisco Trilogy: Part Three

The end of my San Francisco adventures……

St. Peter & Paul Church



  1. The architecture was beautiful.  Not just here, but in places across the city.  Take a walk around & you’ll never know what you may see!
  2. This was right around the corner from Mama’s Restaurant.  After a HUGE breakfast it was nice to take a quick walk here. It was great to see all the locals & their morning routine.  Right across this church was a park with people walking their dogs, little old ladies doing some sort of morning yoga dance, and other people taking their morning jog.




  1. I had to do some birthday shopping!  It was nice to walk in and out of all the great little boutiques here.
  2. Even if shopping isn’t your thing, it’s just nice to take a walk down this eclectic street.
  3. This was a bit further than where we were staying in Japan Town, so taking a taxi here was a brilliant idea.  Taxi fare was around $15.00 (give or take) from the city center to Haight-Ashbury.   Trust me, your feet will thank you later for that.

Candybar Restaurant



  1. Candybar is a dessert & drinks only restaurant.  This was located in more of a local neighborhood, away from the tourist areas.
  2. They had a great atmosphere here; dimly lit, modern, hipster.  There were a lot of groups and young couples here just enjoying themselves.
  3. The one thing I loved about this place were the classic board games they provided.  Almost every table had a game in progress!!  I happen to enjoy winning at Connect Four.

The Iconic San Francisco Bridge




  1. How can you go to San Francisco and not see this bridge?!
  2. Be careful if you end up driving there yourself.  The exit can be easily missed. if you’re not paying attention you may end up driving across the bridge instead!!  The toll takes a picture of your license plate and you’ll end up getting a bill in the mail.
  3. There’s a parking lot here that’s “pay by the hour”, but it is quite small.  if you get there early enough you’ll miss trying to fight for a parking space.
  4. Take a walk around.  It’s an amazing sight to see.

So that’s my wonderful ending to a great vacation in San Francisco.  So until I get to post my next adventure…..I’ll be eating, traveling, and living my way through life.

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