I Love Seoul: Hongdae

One of my favorite areas in Seoul ended up being Hongdae; the area around Hongik University. Who knows what it was, but maybe it was the liveliness, the artistic vibe, or the music that made me feel a sense of belonging. Either way, this place was more “my style” than any of the other neighborhoods I visited in Seoul.

To give you a better idea, Hongdae is more indie, vintage, with urban street style & music. Just from what I’ve quickly read, it seems the area was really transformed in the 90 ‘s when non-mainstream artists descended here to live, breathe, and create their own art. Hey, maybe it’s kind of like the whole grunge movement that came out of Seattle in the 90’s!

So I had no specific plans while in Hongdae. I just wanted to go wherever my feet would lead me to. I walked around aimlessly, going in and out of boutiques and vintage shops, eating, drinking soju, and then I ultimately ended up in a unique art cafe. One other thing I really enjoyed was being able to just sit down and watch all the locals here. There were so many different and eclectic styles. Street style; I loved it.

Graffiti Art




Lunch time. Soju & Chicken. Yum.



Art Cafe in Hongdae. Started off with a blank ceramic doll. Your imagination creates everything else


Night Scene


See you in the next post!

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