I Love Seoul Series: Must Eat Korean Street Foods | Part One

Are you planning a trip to Seoul, South Korea? One of the things you should add to your to-do list is trying out all of the delicious Korean street foods! 

If you’re not too where to start when it comes to eating Korean street food in South Korea, don’t worry I have you covered! Besides Korean barbecue there is a wide variety of delicious foods you can find at the markets and street carts in different areas of Seoul.

There’s a whole lot of to try out! So in this blog post I’ll be talking about all the savory Korean street foods you can eat and I’ll get to the sweet snacks in the next post!

Must Eat Korean Street Foods in Seoul

  1. Tteokbokki -This can either fall under the savory or sweet street food items. Tteokbokki tastes both spicy and sweet. These are chewy rice cakes cooked in a bright red suace called gochujang. If you’ve seen a few K-drama’s you have undoubtedly seen a few characters eat this dish!
  2. Japchae – A clear glass noodle dish that you’ll find at both restaurants and at pop-up restaurants on the streets.
  3. Odeng or Fishcake – Usually served on a skewer in a small cup of broth.
  4. Bindaetteok – Also known as mung bean pancake. It’s fried mung beans that have a great crunch when you bite into it. You can find this at a lot of different markets at street stalls.
  5. Kimbap – A healthy Korean version of the sushi roll. Usually made with vegetables and pickles.
  6. Jeon – A savory thin pancake that can be made up of a variety of vegetables or protein.
  7. Issac Toast – This one is more of a specialty food item at a specific place, but I loved it so much! Issac Toast is a South Korean chain that has both sit down restaurants and street stalls. They elevate the simple breakfast sandwich! Sandwiches can include ingredients such as bulgogi, tteokgalbi, double cheese potato and more!
  8. Mandu – I tried the kimchi version at Gwangjang market and it was so good. Mandu is a dumpling that can be filled with a variety of vegetables, kimchi, or meat.
  9. Twigim – Korean deep fried vegetables. Crunchy and greasy. Enough said!
  10. Soondae – If you’re adventurous, try this one out! It’s the Korean version of a blood sausage.



Okay. Trust me. I ended up eating a lot more street food than this!  I was just too busy stuffing my face instead of taking pictures. There are a lot more Korean street foods that I didn’t get to try as well. I am hoping to go back one day and do what I do best. Eat!


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