I Love Seoul Series: Must Eat Korean Street Foods | Part Two

Do you crave something sweet after your meals? I’m the same! If you’re in Seoul, South Korea here are some of the must eat Korean street foods that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

There’s nothing better than a taste of something sweet to end a nice meal.  Oh, what am I saying!  Sweets are good anytime; before, after, in replacement of a meal, whenever really! If you have cravings like me, you’ll be looking something that can satisfy that sweet tooth. When you’re out exploring Seoul, South Korea be on the lookout for these sweet Korean street foods.

Must Eat Korean Street Foods

  1. Hotteok – Deep fried addicting fried dough goodness that is filled with melted brown sugar.
  2. Chapssalttek or Korean Mochi Rice Cakes – Pillow soft dough that’s slightly sweet and chewy. It’s made of rice and filled with a variety of sweet fillings such as red bean.

  3. Bungeo-ppang – A fun fish shaped pastry that’s filled with red beans. The taste and texture of the bread is almost waffle like.
  4. Crepes – Not exactly Korean, but I love to try out things I’ve already had in different countries. It’s nice to see how they’ve adopted it to their own tastes and ingredients!
  5. Ice Cream – There are so many different varieties of ice cream that are super popular in Seoul. Try any of them out! There’s an ice cream cone in Myeongdong thats piled with about a foot of ice cream on top of it! There is also the famous honey comb soft serve ice cream that you can find at so many different places.
  6. Dalgona – Sugar, sugar, sugar! Although not my favorite sweet treat, it’s traditional and I’m glad I gave it a try. Dalgona is an old school Korean candy made with melted sugar and baking soda. It was really popular in the 70’s and 80’s. You’ll have to hunt for this one, but I was able to find one man making it in the Bukchon Hanok village area.
  7. Goguma or Sweet Potatoes – Healthy but still sweet.




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