Wicked: The Tale of an Underdog

For my birthday this year I wanted to do something different.  Although I had been wanting to go to Disneyland during the Christmas season, the only time I had available was the weekend after thanksgiving. As well as anyone would guess,  Thanksgiving weekend at Disneyland is horrendously busy.  Call me crazy but I want to feel the magic of Christmas at Disneyland; not the feel the madness a 2 hour wait line for a 5 minute ride. Enough about that rant…. maybe next year.

So to continue with my story, Disneyland wasn’t an option, and the obligatory dinner and movie did not sound appealing.  When someone suddenly mentioned that broadway’s Wicked was playing at the San Diego civic theater, I jumped up from the warm comfort of my couch and headed to the computer to buy some tickets.

I must say the tickets are a bit on the pricey side, but since I opted out of a birthday present, I ended up buying the tickets.  Tickets generally were right around or above the $120 mark, depending on what’s your seat was.

So was it worth it?  Well i think so!  I walked away with a whole new view on this classic tale,  and even reaffirming a life lesson to boot.  Arriving at the San Diego civic theatre i had no idea what to expect though.



We had purchased seats in the mezzanine section (usually my preference), and looking around it was nice to see all age groups in attendance.


I wish I was able to take photos during the play,  but of course that’s not allowed.  Judging from how the stage was set when we came in, I already knew the costumes, props, and stage effects were going to be amazing. And wow, I was not disappointed.

Now I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who still hasn’t seen Wicked.  I’ll just say that if you have a chance to go, then go!  Unexpectedly there are a lot of laugh out loud moments.  I also really liked how they tied in the back story of the other Wizard of Oz characters like the tin man,  the lion, and the scare crow.  It was also a very empowering message: don’t ever judge a book by its cover.


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