Food Truck Hopping: L.A.

One random Friday I and a few others decided to make a short journey to L.A. to try out a few different food trucks. I’m glad that cities like L.A. and San Diego have allowed these foods trucks to keep operating. That’s one thing I think we are desperately missing in the U.S.; good street food. All over Asia you can find street stalls, small restaurants with chairs and tables sitting on the side of a random road, and traditional markets where they sell delicious (and reasonably priced) food. The varieties seem endless, and infinitely better than any fast food option we have state side

So back to my food truck journey! We headed over to Long Beach first to try out the Kogi BBQ truck. I’ve been wanting to try it out ever since I’d first heard about it. They offer a fusion of Korean and Mexican food.

Short Rib & Spicy Pork Tacos
Kimchi Quesadilla & Blue Mulita (below)


Overall the food was good, and I would definitely recommend this of you are just craving something different. My favorites were the short rib tacos and black jack quesadilla (not pictured here).

After stuffing our faces we headed over to Fullerton to a “Food Truck Friday” event. This was definitely more convinient since there were about 10 food trucks serving the crowd.

The Trail Boss Sandwich
Carnitas Tacos
S’more Melt
Me Being Silly (Grilled Cheese Truck in the Background!)

I hope you enjoyed my food truck journey. Let me know if you’ve ever been to any of these trucks or what your favorites are in your city.

See you in the next post!

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