A Trip Around the Corner: Tijuana, Mexico

Maybe for most people, a trip to Mexico isn’t as easy for people like me who live in California. But for those of us who do live here, it’s a just a quick hop, skip, and jump over from San Diego.

This trip to Mexico included a wedding, a visit with family, and some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

I’m not going to lie; I was extremely nervous going into TJ (Tijuana). I hadn’t been in that particular part of Mexico since I was 16; years back everyone I knew, including myself, went over to drink and party in TJ. This doesn’t happen often anymore because of safety issues and fears. I’m not sure if that’s all still a misconception, but I what I do know is that I had a great time on this trip.


What I was actually in Mexico for was wedding. The wedding was set in a traditional Catholic church in downtown TJ. Set in the early evening, the light coming through the stained glass windows gave a very beautiful ambience to the ceremony.


Once the ceremony was done, we headed over back to a family members house. We were already hungry prior to the reception (which didn’t start for a few more hours), we were promised some of the best tacos in Mexico.


We had a quick drive down the street to a taco stand that was emitting some of the most mouthwatering smells I’ve ever experienced. We ordered crispy and delicious al pastor, carne asada, chicken, and lengua tacos with all the toppings on freshly handmade tortillas. They sure didn’t skimp on anything either. Look at all that guacamole! The al pastor tacos were the best hands down; crispy and juicy with an amazing flavor to them. I seriously still dream about these tacos.



That’s it for now….see you in the next post!

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