A Trip Around the Corner: Las Vegas

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When someone gets married, you have a few mini celebrations that happen right before the big day.  One of these mini celebrations is the Bachelorette party; and there’s no better place than Vegas to get crazy!!

Just a forewarning to you readers; this post will be mostly pictures.  I’m not sure if many words are necessary to explain a Bachelorette party in Vegas.

My older brother got married just this past October, and he decided to have his bachelor party closer to home (in San Diego).  But Since my sister in law has family in Vegas, that’s where she opted to go.  And who can say no to a weekend in Vegas where the hotel, dinner, drinks and clubs are comped to us!!

I had a lot more fun than I imagined I would, and Vegas is a blast when it’s an all girls trip.  Everyone has to go to “sin city” at least once to experience all of the debauchery and over the top action you can only get in Vegas.

Hungry ladies needed a pit stop at Freddy’s Steakburgers!


We made it! Our Vegas view.

Breakfast with some Tres Leches Pancakes before a long day of celebrating.

The bride’s drink of choice.


The ladies.


D&G ♡


Dancing the night away at Hakkasan.


Getting crazy on top of the tables at Hakkasan.


Digging into aome scallops at the Mon Ami restaurant in the Paris hotel.


Dinner Celebration at the El Dorado Cantina.

Fresh salad with jicama, papaya, walnuts, and all that good stuff.


Tres Leches cake.


One of the girls ordered chili and lime Chapolinas (grasshoppers)!


Posing right before the night out to the strip club!


The bride and her sisters.


Last meal before heading home; some great Greek food in some random hole in the wall establishment.


See you in the next post!

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