Around the World Snack Raid: Japan

Today’s snack raid comes to you from…. Japan!  I’m one of those people that love to eat something sweet right after my meal.  Sometimes I’m too full from the portions of food I shovel in my mouth, so I decided to try out these tiny bite size snacks.

I don’t think I was very successful because every time I would eat 1, I proceeded to eat 3 more after that!


Originated: Japan

Tastes like: There are three flavors here; muscat (by far my favorite), apple, and grape. The grape was far too “grape-y” (hey I just made up a word there!!) for me.  Unfortunately, like most grape flavored candy, this one also tasted too much like cough medicine.

The consistency is a soft gummy texture.  They are slightly sweet and have a natural taste to them; so you can end up eating a handful in 1 sitting like I did!

Rating: 9 out of 10

Bonus: Each gummy is individually packaged; so you can just take a handful to-go.

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