Top 5 Things to do on Milos

Milos: The Perfect Greek Island

Looking for the best things to do on Milos? I’ve got you covered! Whether you are into adventure or relaxation , I created a diverse list of the top things to do on Milos. This gem of an island has something for everyone. And best of all, it isn’t as crowded as Santorini or Mykonos (well, not yet anyways)! If you’re looking for a general guide on the island, you can find “The Ultimate Milos Travel Guide” here.

1. Sail around the island of Milos

Sailing this gorgeous island allows you to see landscapes you would not otherwise get to see by foot or car. Some parts of the island are either inaccessible or considered too dangerous due to its topography or natural wildlife.

Most of the boats that sail around the island will depart from Adamantas. I would recommend booking in advance. I’ve read plenty of blogs that mentioned walking right up and getting a boat tour the same day. Things were different for me. I made a reservation, but ended up sailing around the island 2 days later. The wind and rough seas were a factor. In fact, no one was going to be sailing for the next two days because it was too dangerous. So if you can, don’t wait until the end of your trip! The same day I was making my reservation, a couple was frantically trying to see if anyone could take them out for a sail. Unfortunately it was their last day on the island, and they missed out on seeing some of the most unique landscapes that make Milos so beautiful.

2. Eat delicious local food


Milos had some of the best food I had on my entire trip to Greece! The cheese was locally made, meats were from the farm around the corner, and everything was basically homemade. I can’t rave enough! From restaurants to tavernas, everything was impeccable and mouthwatering.

Just look at these food photos and salivate with me!

3. Visit Sarakaniko beach

Milos has so many beaches, and each one is unique. If you only have time for one beach, then you need to visit Sarakiniko a.k.a. Moon beach. The landscape here is so different to anything I’ve ever seen. The white rocky cliffs really make you feel like you’re on another planet. And if you’re brave enough, they have some deep dark tunnels you can climb into and cliffs you can dive off of. If you have more time, then drive around snd explore. One of my best experiences was randomly stopping at a beach sign of the side of the road. There was no one around this beautiful beach, so I had it all to myself!

4. Go explore an ancient ruin

The ancient Romans built a theater on Milos. Go see it, not only for its history, but for an incredibly beautiful view. To top it off, admission is free! Here’s a tip: If you’re already going to see the Catacombs, the ruins are within walking distance. Make sure you have enough time for both.

5. See an unforgettable sunset

I’ve seen some pretty amazing sunsets in my life. As of now, this one on Milos is at the top of that list. With no one else around, just the sound of the wind whipping through, and the fading colors of the sun setting on the sea, this instantly became my favorite moment on Milos.

If you visit the side of the island where Plaka is located, you’ll have a great view like this.

Until next time, see you in the next post!

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  1. I enjoyed your photographs of this beautiful place. I am currently reminiscing on a sailing holiday around Paxos, which has similar exciting views and landscape, in my daily blog “Peace”.


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