7 Best Things Do in Singapore in 48 Hours

Singapore is compact, and with great public transport options, you can easily cover a lot of the highlights in 2-3 days. If you’re here for a short amount of time, then make sure you don’t miss out on the best things to do in Singapore.

When you only have a few days to explore, it’s always best to have your days planned out. At the very least, have a list of things you don’t want to miss out on. To give you a better idea of the top must-see spots in Singapore, I’ve put together a short list that can be accomplished in 2-3 days.

7 Best Things to Do in Singapore on 48 Hours

  1. Eat Like a Foodie at a Hawker Stall
  2. Gardens by the Bay
  3. Cloud Forest Dome
  4. LightShow at Super Grove Tree or Marina Bay Light Show
  5. Explore Chinatown and Little India
  6. A Night Out in Clarke Quay
  7. A Slow Walk Down Haji Lane

Eat Like a Foodie at a Hawker Stall

If you don’t eat at a hawker stall in Singapore, did you really even go to Singapore? This country is famous for this. Don’t miss out on it. There are plenty of options for all different types of taste buds. If you’re traveling with a group, it’s a great place for each person to grab something different so that everyone can have a little taste of everything! But like I said before, don’t forget to bring cash!

Some of the food centers I visited were Maxwell, Lau Pa Sat, and Newton.

Gardens By the Bay

Go ahead. Be a tourist! There’s nothing wrong with that, because at the end of the day we all are in some way! Gardens by the Bay is the biggest known attraction in Singapore. I’m here to tell you that it lives up to the hype. There’s quite a lot to see and do here. Even if you’re on a budget, Gardens by the Bay is something you can enjoy. Walking around the gardens, the Super Tree Grove, and viewing the art sculptures is free of charge. If you’re willing to cough up some money, you can visit the Cloud Forest Dome. You can also try to test your fear of heights on the skywalk. Up for something more tame? Then smell some flowers from around the world at the flower garden.

Cloud Forest Dome

One of the things I paid for was the Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome. It’s actually one ticket to enter both of these attractions. I can easily say that the Cloud Forest Dome alone was worth the ticket price. It’s almost like something out of a movie when you step beyond those dark curtains. What awaits you is a whole world of colorful plants, flowers, and a towering waterfall. Bonus, you get to cool off from the heat in there. Trust me, it’s much needed relief from that hot Singapore sun! It’s nice and cool inside, so enjoy it as much as you can.

Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay OR Light-Water Show Marina Bay Sands

Explore the gardens during the day, but if you have a chance to stick around and you won’t be disappointed! They have a nightly light and music show at the Super Grove Trees. The trees light up, dance, and pulse hypnotically to music. Each month or so they change up the show’s music theme, making it fresh and new each month. When I was there the music theme was 70’s disco! The shows happen daily at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm. You can find out what the music’s theme will be by visiting their official site.

Now if you time it just right, you could catch some of the water and light show they have at Marina Bay. Just a quick walk over from Gardens by the Bay, over the bridge, and to the Marina you go! If miss it but you’re staying in this area, you can easily break these shows up into 2 nights. The light and water show at Marina Bay happens at 8pm, 9pm, and an additional 10pm show on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Explore Chinatown and Little India

Singapore is truly a melting pot. Take the metro and go explore Chinatown, Little India, and all of the other enclaves this city has to offer. Go enjoy all different types food, sights, and culture without ever leaving Singapore.

A Night Out in Clarke Quay

A neighborhood by the river that comes to life at night. If you’re having dinner nearby, stop by Clarke Quay before heading back. Have a little fun, slip in a drink or two, and a get that booty moving with some dancing.

A Slow Walk Down Haji Lane

Enjoy a cup of coffee, browse some local boutiques, and stop to admire all of the color and art around you. Haji lane shows the creative and artistic side of Singapore. If you’re a hipster, or want to be one, then you’ll feel right at home here.

Whether you’re in Singapore for a few days or a few weeks, you certainly won’t be bored! See you in the next post!