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Bali | The Jungles of Ubud Day 3

Bali day three finally commences! So after the trip to the coffee plantation and the lake, we headed over to a UNESCO designated site.  The Jatiluwah rice fields in northern Bali were so vast and expansive.  My tour guide actually walked us through and around […]

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I Love Seoul: DMZ

There was nothing more important, revealing, and impactful than visiting the DMZ (dematerialized zone) in Korea.  One of the things highly recommended to us by one of the locals was to get on a tour of the DMZ, and of course this wasn’t something we […]


Aloha Hawaii: Waikiki

Hawaii was a vacation destination I actually never even had on my “must see travel here” list. I’m more of a “explore the city and see historic ruins type of girl”. But when I had a chance to go to Hawaii in April (all expenses […]

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I Love Seoul: Changdeokgung Palace

Another palace day!  Changdeokgung was the second palace we visited in Korea.  Between Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung palace, Changdeokgung ended up being my favorite out of the two.  Maybe it was the different layout or feel of the rooms, but it felt more intimate than the sprawling Gyeongbokgung […]

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