Travel Tips: South Korea


Traveling to a far away place; somewhere you’ve never been, with a language you either cannot fully understand or speak, and customs you have never heard of before.  Now travel can either be easy or a complete disaster,  but either way if you plan on traveling to South Korea my best advice is to do your research first (that probably applies to any international travel you do)!

Some of the things that helped me feel more at ease, and made my travel throughout South Korea so much better was being able to find blogs/articles of first hand experiences & recommendations.  Familiarizing myself with the subway system beforehand made it maddeningly easy to get anywhere (in & out of Seoul).  I also found great suggestions on what areas were best to visit at what times. I was able to get to and from my hotel in the easiest & most wallet friendly way.  And lastly (but most importantly), I was able to learn some basic Hangul (Korean language)!

So in an effort to help anyone who may be looking, I will be doing a few posts to this page that will give you some travel tips.  If anyone has any questions, I will definitely try my best to answer.


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