Aloha Hawaii: Waikiki

Hawaii was a vacation destination I actually never even had on my “must see travel here” list. I’m more of a “explore the city and see historic ruins type of girl”. But when I had a chance to go to Hawaii in April (all expenses paid), there was no hesitation to say yes to that!

Living in southern California, I always had a feeling that I would spend tons of money to go to Hawaii, then come to only find out that it felt just like being in San Diego.

Well, I’m here to testify that I couldn’t have been more wrong about that theory! But I’m glad I was wrong (which is something I’m not used). Hawaii feels like it’s own paradise, it has its own eccentricities, and it’s own pace of life that makes it an amazing place to be. The pace of life was so casual it was hard to adjust to it at times. Having a speed limit of 50 mph on their freeways, that’s definitely slowing it down!

View at the airport…so green!!


One of the things that made the trip great was that I lucky enough to stay at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort (right on the beach!). Walking into the room with those amazing views took my breath away and it was a great way to kick start my vacation! The city scape behind Waikiki beaches didn’t deter from the beauty of it all either. That’s probably what makes Waikiki so unique. The water was the perfect temperature and so clear that you could even see the fish swimming all around you. In fact I’m day dreaming about being back in the water right now as I type this with the 90+ degree

A room with a view
A quiet morning in Waikiki.
Greeted with a morning rainbow.


There are a lot of water activities you can do in Waikiki; paddle boarding, surfing, catamaran cruise, etc.

So of course I didn’t do any of those! I forced relax myself, which is something I normally don’t get to do. I needed to do that at least a few days out of the week! So I plopped myself right on the white sand beaches of Waikiki and did absolutely nothing but lay out the first 2 days. That’s something I recommend anyone do. Go on….relax and don’t lift a finger. I dare you.

Beautiful sunset on the 1st day.

Thats just the start of Hawaii…..I’ll be back with more posts and pictures of all my other Hawaiian adventures. See you in the next post!

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